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The FCA has recently completed it's review of annuity sales that have taken place over the past 8 years and the conclusion of the report was that almost half a million retirees may have been "mis-sold" their annuity by their pension provider. The numbers are quite shocking for such a highly regulated industry. There have been 400,000 annuities sold since the time-period the FCA review covers, since 2008.

It is anticipated that annuity claims will run into the £Billions.

The review shows how the mis-selling took place, which was simply because incumbent insurance companies did not ask or receive for all the relevant information at the point of sale.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has openly stated that the rules have been broken on a major scale.

In what way were annuities mis-sold?

The Financial Conduct Authority review came to the conclusion that around half of pension holders purchased an annuity from a different company than the one who actually held their pension pot. However, in almost all the cases of those that bought their annuity from their pension provider were mis-sold.

The most common annuity mis-selling practices were.

1. You were not encouraged to "shop around"

2. You were not informed about any hidden fees or charges

3. You were in ill-health but not offered an "enhanced annuity"

4. You weren't asked about your health or any medical conditions

5. You were sold a single-life annuity where a joint-life annuity would have been a more suitable option

6. You were not informed about the possibility of an inflation linked annuity

Which pension providers are involved in annuity mis-selling?

The FCA review openly criticised 2 of the largest pension providers, Standard Life and the Prudential. However, the review also concluded that all providers were open to this type of mis-selling so even if the company you purchased your annuity from is not on this list, it's still worth finding out if you have cause to make a claim.

Annuity Claims Pension and Insurance Company List

  • Standard Life
  • The Prudential
  • Aviva
  • Legal and General
  • Sun Life
  • Abbey Life
  • Friends Provident
  • Scottish Life
  • Clerical Medical
  • Phoenix Life
  • HSBC Life
  • Barclays Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Lloyds
  • Aegon

Can I start an Annuity Claim?

The FCA review shows that up to 160,000 annuity sales per your might have been mis-sold and a claim may be worth tens of thousands of pounds. For example if you purchased an annuity for £100,000 but later find out you were mis-sold you may have a claim value of up to £20,000. If your health was poor then that claim might reach £50,000, and many legal experts have said the chance of winning is upwards of 70%.

The following questions should help you understand if you should be considering starting an annuity claim.

1. Did you purchase your annuity from your pension provider?

If you answered yes, then you should consider starting a claim.

2. When you purchased your annuity were you informed of any hidden charges or fees?

If you answered no, then you should consider starting a claim.

3. Were you in asked about your health when you purchased your annuity?

If you answered no, then you should consider starting a claim.

4. If your health was poor, did you receive an "Enhanced Annuity"?

If you answered no, then you should consider starting a claim.

5. Were you married and sold a "single-life" annuity?

If you answered yes, then you should consider starting a claim.

There are many other reasons why you might want to start an annuity claim, so if yours isn't listed above and you're not sure, fill in the form. We will have an experienced adviser give you a call, free of charge and with no obligation what-so-ever.

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Annuity Claims Checklist

Annuity Claims - Can I Claim Checklist

Mis-sold Annuity

Pension providers are at fault and you could be owed thousands.

Annuity Claims

If you can you should claim the money you are owed and deserve.

Annuity Mis-selling

Almost every provider is guilty of mis-selling annuities

Annuity Claims Checklist

Annuity Claims - Can I Claim Checklist
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